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Ohio BigWind COLLAPSE halts traffic

Yet another example of WHY current Ohio BigWind setbacks are NOT safe for the public, particularly our schools filled with children. Unfortunately, some politicians prefer to listen to the $$ that BigWind waves (obtained via our taxpayer subsidies), rather than the constituents that reside amongst these industrial monsters..... Roads in the harbor opened again on Friday … Continue reading Ohio BigWind COLLAPSE halts traffic

Ohio BigWind NOT working x years?

Say it isn't so! How can this be? Read through this nightmare for a small Ohio community and you will see that a 2nd turbine has also not produced what was expected (promised) by BigWind. Lawsuits are pending.  How many of you live in a community that is flush with cash to be able to … Continue reading Ohio BigWind NOT working x years?

(Yet another) Turbines costing Ohio taxpayers $

Yes, this article is a Two-for-One! There are 2 turbines in this community that have failed to perform their duties. For this Ohio community, however, the cost to the taxpayer is significant AND an eyesore. We have blogged about these turbines in the past and we are sorry to say that this article offers no … Continue reading (Yet another) Turbines costing Ohio taxpayers $

BigWind bullies Ohio community

How ILLogical is it for a community to pay 14 cents per kWh for electricity, when they can purchase it for 10? This is the dilemma of the city of Conneaut, Ohio.  You will read that the turbine has $250,000 worth of repairs and NexGen will happily repair it IF the city renews a 10 … Continue reading BigWind bullies Ohio community

Ohio community BigWind turbine ‘shatters’ with blade chunks flying over large area

Read this and you will question the true intentions of Ohio Senator Cliff Hite, as strong rumors 'blow' that he will be proposing to SHORTEN the industrial wind turbine setbacks. If successful, and someone is killed/injured, will he be liable? ...The damaged waterfront wind turbine in Conneaut, Ohio was a 400 kw wind turbine and … Continue reading Ohio community BigWind turbine ‘shatters’ with blade chunks flying over large area