Ohio BigWind NOT working x years?

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Say it isn’t so! How can this be? Read through this nightmare for a small Ohio community and you will see that a 2nd turbine has also not produced what was expected (promised) by BigWind. Lawsuits are pending.  How many of you live in a community that is flush with cash to be able to afford these lawsuits?? This news is devastating for the local community and our taxpayers. Lawsuits are expensive. Don’t let this happen to you…Have you contacted your legislators and told them how you feel about BigWind invading your community?….

The city of Conneaut has prepared a complaint to be filed in Ashtabula County Common Pleas Court aimed at a long-damaged wind turbine at the city’s lakefront…

The city names three defendants in the complaint: Conneaut City Wind LLC, in care of statutory agent CT Corporation System of New York City; NexGen Energy Partners LLC of Boulder, Colorado; and NexGen’s statutory agent, Matthew O’Conneaut, of Cleveland…

In the complaint, the city alleges the defendants have not made repairs to the turbine, which has been idle since February 2017, when a lightning strike blew off one of three blades and damaged the machine’s internal workings…

The 400-kilowatt turbine was the result of a January 2010 contract between the city and CCW to provide electric power to the sewage plant. The turbine, erected a short time later, provided about 20 percent of the electricity used at the plant. Direct Energy, the primary power supplier, is filling the void, officials have said.

Last year, NexGen told the city it wanted to stretch the contract to 2030 to help it recoup the estimated $250,000 repair cost, officials said at that time. The contract included slight kilowatt-per-hour increases into the contract years, administrators said.

In 2016, the last full year of the turbine’s operation, NexGen charged the city $59,000 for the electricity it produced. The city is charged only when the turbine is producing power, officials have said…

“(Defendants) Conneaut City Wind and NexGen have refused to repair, remove or otherwise restore the ability to of the turbine to generate electricity,” according to the lawsuit…

A larger turbine at Conneaut Middle School, erected by NexGen at about the same time in 2010, never performed as expected. NexGen filed a lawsuit against a parts manufacturers that is still working through the courts…

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(Yet another) Turbines costing Ohio taxpayers $

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Yes, this article is a Two-for-One! There are 2 turbines in this community that have failed to perform their duties. For this Ohio community, however, the cost to the taxpayer is significant AND an eyesore. We have blogged about these turbines in the past and we are sorry to say that this article offers no resolution for this community.  Unfortunately, this community is learning the hard way, that BigWind OFTEN sells (and resells) their turbines.  What if this situation happened to a farmer with a turbine on his land?  What if someone was seriously injured or killed? This scenario is simply tragic and it will not be the last time it occurs….

The city of Conneaut has not ruled out legal remedies regarding the wind turbine at the lakefront that has been inoperable for more than a year, Law Director Kyle Smith said this week…

At issue is the 400-kilowatt turbine adjacent to the city’s sewage treatment plant severely damaged by a lightning strike in February 2017. The blast shattered one of the turbine’s blades and heavily damaged its generator, officials said last year.

Smith said the city is still trying to track down the rightful owner of the towering turbine. The machine was installed in 2010 by NexGen Energy of Colorado, but it appears another company has taken ownership, Smith said…

“We’re writing the company involved and not getting much in the way of a response,” he said. “It’s been difficult to get a response.”

In 2010, the city entered into a 10-year contract with NexGen for a turbine to help power the sewage treatment plant. Last year, NexGen told the city it wanted to stretch the contract to 2030 to raise the money necessary to fix the turbine, officials said at the time.

NexGen estimated the cost of repairs at $250,000, city administrators said.

The contract included slight kilowatt-per-hour increases into the contract years, administrators said. In 2016, the last full year of the turbine’s operation, NexGen charged the city $59,000 for the electricity it produced.

 The city is charged only when the turbine is producing power, officials have said…

A larger turbine at Conneaut Middle School, erected by NexGen at about the same time, never performed as expected and resulted in a lawsuit…

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BigWind bullies Ohio community

How ILLogical is it for a community to pay 14 cents per kWh for electricity, when they can purchase it for 10? This is the dilemma of the city of Conneaut, Ohio.  You will read that the turbine has $250,000 worth of repairs and NexGen will happily repair it IF the city renews a 10 year purchase contract with them….for more expensive energy than they can purchase from the grid.  Once again, another turbine is plagued with expensive repairs. Don’t they pay this electric bill with tax dollars?….

The owner of a damaged wind turbine that provides some of the electricity used at Conneaut’s sewage treatment plant wants a reworked contract with the city in order to make repairs financially feasible.

City Manager James Hockaday told City Council members at Monday night’s work session that NexGen is seeking a 10-year extension to the existing 10-year contract that will expire in 2020. The company says it needs a new contract to make repairs to the 400-kilowatt turbine — which has been idle since a lightning strike at the end of February.

Lighting blasted away one of the turbine’s blades and essentially destroyed its generator, Hockaday said. NexGen has said it will cost $250,000 to fix the machine, erected in January 2010.

 To justify the expense, NexGen has submitted a contract proposal that would stretch the contract, set to expire in three years, through 2030. NexGen’s initial proposal calls for slight kilowatt-per-hour increases each of the contract years, officials have said.

The turbine supplies about 20 percent of the electricity used at the plant located along the Lake Erie shore.

In 2016, the city paid NexGen almost $59,000, according to information from the city finance office. In February, NexGen charged the city $11,135 for its services.

The city is not paying NexGen while the turbine is inoperable, Hockaday said.

Last year, the city paid NexGen a combined generation/distribution charge of 12 cents per kilowatt hour. In 2017, the seventh year of the 10-year original contract, the city is paying 12.5 cents per kWh, according to the finance office. NexGen’s combined charge will climb to 12.9 cents per kWh next year, topping out at 14 cents in 2020, per the contract.

Direct Energy has been the primary power supplier to the sewage plant, and is filling the void left by the turbine, officials said. Direct Energy this year is charging a combined 10 cents per kWh, Finance Director John Williams said at Monday’s meeting.

Hockaday told council the city has multiple options regarding the turbine, such as explore pricing available through conventional utilities, talk with other turbine operators or negotiate with NexGen.

“We can counter-offer (NexGen),” he said. “(The contract) is a proposal.”

Hockaday said he feels the turbine has merit…

Source: Conneaut will examine options regarding damaged turbine | Local News | starbeacon.com

Ohio community BigWind turbine ‘shatters’ with blade chunks flying over large area

Read this and you will question the true intentions of Ohio Senator Cliff Hite, as strong rumors ‘blow’ that he will be proposing to SHORTEN the industrial wind turbine setbacks. If successful, and someone is killed/injured, will he be liable? …The damaged waterfront wind turbine in Conneaut, Ohio was a 400 kw wind turbine and it is industrial size. The broken down wind turbine next to the middle school in Conneaut, Ohio and close to I-90 is a 600 kw wind turbine. The elementary school wind turbine broke down three weeks after installation in 2010 and continues to be broken down.

The federal stimulus cash grant program gave NexGen:

$ 347,309 for its India built wind turbine on 6/8/10, it is located on the Conneaut, Ohio waterfront next to the sewer plant (and public road)

$ 490,964 for its India built wind turbine on 6/2/10, it is located right next to the Conneaut, Ohio middle school.

The U.S. DOE Office of Energy, Efficiency and Renewable Energy had a webinar in 2010 promoting community scale wind turbines and used the Conneaut, Ohio wind turbines as their example of a successful community program. Former Governor Strickland encouraged Ohio communities to develop community wind projects and reportedly provided at least $ five million dollars in grant funding….

Administrators in Conneaut are assessing damage to the city’s wastewater treatment plant caused by lightning that struck a wind turbine adjacent to the plant early Saturday morning. The turbine, which supplements electricity used by the sewage plant, lost a blade when lightning hit about 1:30 a.m. Saturday.  A power surge penetrated the plant and might have affected some equipment in the building, City Manager James Hockaday said Monday.”We’re still waiting for a summary,” he said. “There is no cost estimate.“Chunks of the shattered blade were strewn across a wide area, including Marina Drive, Hockaday said.

The turbine is no stranger to bolts from the blue. In August 2011, a lightning strike damaged a blade that was replaced several months later.

The 400-kilowatt turbine, perched at the edge of Lake Erie, was constructed in January 2010 by its owner, NexGen Energy of Boulder, Colorado. A 10-year contract obliges the city to purchase energy from NexGen for the plant for a 10-year period that expires in 2020…

Another NexGen wind turbine, a 600-kilowatt model adjacent to Conneaut Middle School on Gateway Avenue, has been idle for years. NexGen is suing the manufacturer, alleging parts were defective….

Repairs to the school turbine won’t happen until the lawsuit is settled, NexGen officials have said.

Source: Conneaut assessing damage from turbine lightning strike | Local News | starbeacon.com