BREAKING NEWS: Ohio Commissioners reject BigWind PILOT


This is earth shattering!!! Bravo!! Let us pray that this inspires future counties to do the same…

The Logan County Commissioners voted unanimously late Tuesday to reject EverPower’s request for a payment in lieu of taxes to build 18 wind turbines in northern Logan County….

“The Logan County Board of County Commissioners is not convinced that over the life of the project that granting the PILOT would benefit the community. Likewise with respect to job creation, the Logan County Board of County Commissioners is not convinced that the amount of taxes abated would be exceeded by the benefit of gaining relatively few permanent employees,” the resolution reads.

The decision does not prevent EverPower, which filed the request under the name Hardin Wind LLC, from building the turbines in Logan County, but company officials have said they would not likely proceed here without the tax abatement.

The Scioto Ridge Wind Farm includes 87 additional turbines in southern Hardin County that are not affected by the commissioners’ decision and can proceed….

Source: BREAKING NEWS: Commissioners reject wind proposal

Are some Ohio county commissioners beginning to sweat?

“If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen!” That famous phrase comes to mind so quickly when I read this article. Are these commissioners receiving some strong feedback from their county residents?

It is true that Logan county commissioners do not have the right to stop the Scioto Ridge wind farm- however- they DO have the right to tax this farm and deny them the PILOT.  According to Dana Baird (AWEA), last September in a quote from Gongwer, “…Qualified energy projects pay $9,000 per MW compared to roughly $45,000 per MW under the public utilities property tax…”  If Logan county approves a PILOT, they will be receiving a fraction of the tax dollars that they are entitled to receive. Is this fair to their residents? Is it fair to the Ohio residents, when the taxpayers will be footing more than 100 million dollars for this project, and never get our full return on this investment? No doubt, Scioto Ridge will threaten to pull the project if the PILOT is not given.  Considering there are mulitiple other avenues by which they can obtain subsidies, we doubt there is any truth to this rumor…

The Logan County Commissioners have issued the following press release, shown verbatim, concerning what they have labeled as “misunderstandings” regarding the proposed Scioto Wind Project development:Logan County Commissioners, from left, Tony Core, John Bayliss, and Dustin Wickersham.

Our office has received a number of comments regarding the proposed Scioto Wind Project. We wanted the opportunity to clarify misunderstandings and explain to your readers the involvement our office has regarding the proposed wind development.The Logan County Commissioners do not have the authority to grant or deny any wind project. The Ohio Power Siting Board OPSB reviews all proposed wind development projects and has the sole authority to grant or deny any wind development project….

via Commissioners issue statement on Scioto Wind Project.