BigWind lies, trespasses and destroys Homestead in Ohio

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Video Link: Seneca investigates Apex

Please, Please, take less than 5 minutes to LEARN about what BigWind could do in YOUR community, AGAINST your will!!!!…..

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How ‘green’ is BigWind’s 45 tons of concrete and 630 yards of concrete PER turbine?

We invite you to look at the photos at .

These pictures are wonderful views of wind “farmers” planting 45 tons of rebar and 630 yards of concrete to grow one wind turbine.  How ‘green’ is this? It is certain nothing else will ever “grow” in this field. Can you imagine the quality of the field and drainage tiles after this construction? Remember, there will be maintenance with the crane, again, at approximately 5 years – if the developer changes the (approximate) 200 gallons of oil in the nacelle. Don’t forget to check our out FARMER tab on our website. It has links to problems that wind ‘farmers’ can experience….