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Renewables muddle OH politics

This issue will review the political landscape in Washington, D.C. and Ohio.  One thing is certain: BigWind and BigSun are thrilled with a Biden Presidency. There are a number of excellent articles in this issue, especially those by Robert Bryce and Michael Shellenberger who give us a bit of the bigger picture and why renewables … Continue reading Renewables muddle OH politics

Beware of the BigGreen Monster

The hated and completely phony Conservatives for a Clean Energy Future have announced their 2020 Clean Energy Champions:  State Sen. Stephanie Kunze (R-Hilliard), Reps. David Greenspan (R-Westlake) and Gary Scherer (R-Circleville), and Paulding County Commissioner Roy Klopfenstein are the winners. They join that distinguished group of previous green energy toadies including state Sen. Matt Dolan … Continue reading Beware of the BigGreen Monster

Will BigWind focus, more on Ohio?

  Uh,Oh, OHIO. BigWind/Solar has faced trouble in other regions of the USA because of 'congestion' in the grid. Ohio's grid owner, PJM, however, says they have plenty of room! Does this mean we will see additional pressures from BigWind/Solar to expand into NW Ohio???? BEWARE, tis Halloween season and the Monsters are about!!..... ...Grid … Continue reading Will BigWind focus, more on Ohio?

BigWind tactics: Will OHIO fall for this–again??

Dejavue'?? Remember, this prior to Obamacare passed? We guess that BigWind has taken this tactic out of the Democratic playbook. And, why not? Despite flaws and skyrocketing medical costs, Mrs. Pelosi has kept her job and her multimillion dollar lifestyle. Truly astounding! PARTICULARLY with California experiencing rolling blackouts because they have too many renewables on … Continue reading BigWind tactics: Will OHIO fall for this–again??

HB6, BigWind and Who? Sarah’s back in the saddle

As the election draws closer, things seem more desperate and chaotic.  In Ohio, the “Repeal HB6” crowd is pushing this complicated issue with great urgency, hoping the Republican-controlled legislature will panic and repeal the law without a replacement.  On another front, “Operation Grant” comprised of alleged Republicans (Never Trumpers) are pushing their support for the … Continue reading HB6, BigWind and Who? Sarah’s back in the saddle

Gov Newsom admits GREEN energy failed California

Governor Newsom is in BIG trouble w the Squad(Green New Deal) and the DNC. We have preached, for years, that renewable energy MUST be backed up.  For every BigWind site, the grid MUST have ADDITIONAL backup energy from coal or gas.  The Green 'Unreliables' have proven their worth as useless, today.  The liberal energy policies … Continue reading Gov Newsom admits GREEN energy failed California

Keep dreamin’ for AWEA to go AWAY

Don't feel along, as many have in this pandemic.  You are not alone, if you are fighting against BigWind in your neighborhood, community or state. BigWind is wreaking havoc everywhere, even around the world. This letter, below, highlights some of the problems that come with this scam. And, for some reason, we often feel better, … Continue reading Keep dreamin’ for AWEA to go AWAY

Ohio smiles while BigWind frowns on LeedCo decision

The Ohio Power Siting Board issued a conditional certificate providing Icebreaker Windpower, Inc. an opportunity to move forward with the construction of six wind turbines in Lake Erie. LEEDCo is not happy. Of course not, they are never happy unless they are in charge of the bargaining...unless they are the BigDog in the room...unless they are … Continue reading Ohio smiles while BigWind frowns on LeedCo decision

BigWind overflows LANDFILLs in USA

How many times have you been told that renewable energy is GREEN? Really? Read our home page for a reality check...If this picture doesn't shock you, especially when you read we will put 8,000/yr IN a landfill, then you are braindead.... Indestructible wind turbine blades can't easily be crushed, recycled or repurposed Instead they are hacked … Continue reading BigWind overflows LANDFILLs in USA

BigWind has been impacted by COVID-19

NOT TRUE!...But they have hoodwinked some Senators. Will they also hoodwink Treasury Secy' Mnuchin? Six U.S. senators, citing the COVID-19 pandemic, have asked for “safe harbor” deadline extensions to assist renewable energy developers to meet construction deadlines and qualify for tax credits. Lisa Linowes, executive director and spokesperson for The WindAction Group, said that is a lot of … Continue reading BigWind has been impacted by COVID-19

BigWind needs MORE stimulus$? Smoke screen!

BigWind, is again, seeking stimulus $. Various senators have submitted a letter of request to Treasury Secy' Mnuchin. Such would qualify as the 13th federal subsidy extension for wind power, dating back to 1992. Yet back in 1986, amid California’s wind subsidies, a representative of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) stated: “The U.S. wind … Continue reading BigWind needs MORE stimulus$? Smoke screen!

BigWind Ohio causes Death of American symbol

A majestic American eagle dies a horrific death in NW Ohio. This bird represents our history as an independent country.  Eagles are unique to North America.  They are strong, majestic, bold, and faithful. They are a symbol of strength and determination. They are survivors, until faced with a foreign invader, aka BigWind.  These monstrosities represent the … Continue reading BigWind Ohio causes Death of American symbol

BigWind thieves want more C$SH from YOU

Indications are that Big Wind will not stop until it gets a PTC extension! While it’s not clear Congress when Congress will take up another spending bill, AWEA is now circulating the attached letter for signatures. We should assume that some congressional members, especially Sen. Grassley (R-IA), are encouraging Big Wind. (ICYMI Grassley posted this … Continue reading BigWind thieves want more C$SH from YOU

Could this flying piece of turbine kill your kid?

Dear Ohio Power Siting Board and Ohio legislators, WAKE UP! Ohio wind turbine setbacks should NOT be shortened. BigWind does NOT belong next to schools and playgrounds! Setbacks should be increased. BigWind spins well over 100 mph and when parts come loose (or ice), they fly fast and far....  A DAMAGED wind turbine halted a … Continue reading Could this flying piece of turbine kill your kid?

BigWind will “educate” BirdBrains? Nope

I will apologize now, because there is nothing funny about this topic; however, there is something very funny about this Sierra Club quote below, "We are finding out that wind turbines are not as harmful to birds because they become educated" ?!? The birds? They become educated? No, they become DEAD.  Turbines are catastrophic for … Continue reading BigWind will “educate” BirdBrains? Nope