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Will Everpower ignore resident complaints in Ohio, too?

Recently, the Cumberland, MD newspaper reported a story of the effect an Everpower project, known as Twin Ridges, is having on residents of a PA community near the Maryland state line.  Noise, a constant hum, headaches and shadow flicker from 68 turbines built by Everpower are described.  Residents report that they receive no resolution of … Continue reading Will Everpower ignore resident complaints in Ohio, too?

Ohio group educates against BigWind

Yesterday, Champaign County and the Townships  filed an appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court protesting the OPSB’s failure to hold a hearing on amendments to the Buckeye Wind project.  This filing comes at the same time that Everpower is seeking an extension to their certificate of approval for Phase I.  Below is a press report … Continue reading Ohio group educates against BigWind