Ontario, Canada electricity rates rise 70% thanks to BigWind

Once again, other countries that are more experienced with renewable energy, show us that electricity rates WILL skyrocket if we continue to put renewables on our grid! BigWind is NOT cheap, it is NOT free, it is NOT efficient and it will NOT make us energy independent. What will it ensure? Increased debt, poverty, increased dependence on other countries, loss of jobs, loss of industry….need we go on? Stop the madness, educate yourselves and your neighbors. And, by the way, don’t vote for Clinton.  She promises to dramatically INcrease the renewables in the USA!!….

Premier Kathleen Wynne felt heat over hydro rates Tuesday at the International Plowing Match as she was booed several times….

But those who booed the premier told the The Canadian Press after the event that they had all heard about the rebates.

“Whoop dee doo,” said Garland Webster, of Thamesville, Ont.

His hydro bill has increased about 35 per cent since Wynne became premier, he said.

Eighty-four-year-old Les Gray from Buckhorn, Ont., said the rebate “doesn’t amount to anything.”

“The price of hydro has gone up so much now that us old people now can hardly afford to live in our homes,” he said.

“She hasn’t done a thing about it since she’s been in power and I don’t expect she will.”…

Auditor general Bonnie Lysyk has said the electricity portion of hydro bills for homes and small businesses rose 70 per cent between 2006 and 2014.

The Green Energy Act is driving up rates, she has said. Hydro customers will pay a total of $9.2 billion more for wind and solar projects under the Liberals’ 20-year guaranteed-price program for renewable energy than they would have paid under the old program….

Source: Ontario Premier booed over hydro rates at International Plowing Match