BigWind prepares attack on Ohio wind turbine setback

BigWind in Ohio is on the move…prowling, circling and now a House Bill has been presented to SHORTEN our BigWind setbacksOnce again, they insist on predatory setbacks that will be measured from a residence RATHER than a property line. It is time to contact your representatives and share your disgust for this tactic! BigWind can have leasees sign ‘waivers’ to get around our current setback. Why is this not enough? Are they lazy? NO, they are greedy predators…..

Sponsors of this bill: Fred Strahornn, Michael Skindell, Kristin Boggs, Tavia Galonski, Glen Holmes, Michele Leport-Hagan, Joseph Miller, Michael O’Brien, Kent Smith and Terrence Upchurch.

ALL of these representatives are Democrats.

ALL of these representatives live in CITIES and have no business telling us what to do with our rural land!!!

Ohio legislature tells BigWind to TAKE A HIKE

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AWEA and BigWind spent $$$ on lobbyists to persuade Ohio senators and representatives to approve a setback amendment in the budget bill. This morning, the house said NO and removed the amendment. Hallelujah! Thank you to those who contacted the legislature to help us protect our homes and property.  This amendment would have SIGNIFICANTLY shortened the distance between an industrial wind turbine and a neighboring home.  It would have been unprecedented because all other setbacks are measured from a property  line, not a home.  BigWind will be back with their own bill, as a separate piece of legislation. At least, this time, it won’t be so secretive.  This amendment was the brainchild of BigWind’s best friend, Senator Cliff Hite.  It’s time to take a hike, Senator Hite!! Does anyone want his job????…….