Windy Kansas county LOSING $ with turbines

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This is remarkable…not that the turbines are worthless, but that this information is PUBLIC. BigWind usually prevents such data, regarding their industrial sites, from becoming easily found. Thank you, Kansas commissioners, for sharing your story. What we also find remarkable, is that according to the NOAA wind map, Kansas has MORE wind than Ohio. Why, then, does BigWind want to spread across our Buckeye state? The reality is that BigWind has nothing to do with wind, but everything to do with the mighty $$$….

If you live in Riley County, the wind turbines, that are meant to bring you savings are actually costing you more tax dollars than county officials would like….

The grants that were paying for the turbines and their up keep have expired and now any work that needs to be done to the turbines, will strictly come out of Riley County residents wallets…

The turbines have been in Manhattan since 2011 and have a life span of about 20 years.

The biggest of the turbines is the only one that’s actually providing any savings, but in reality is really only breaking even when you take into account the repair and up keep costs….

“The big wind turbine that we have is very sensitive to lightning strikes, so every time we get a thunder storm, it tends to stop running,” Public Works Director Leon Hobson said…

Estimated cost of removal for just one of the turbines is about $20,000 just to take the head off the tower. It does all depend on the size of the turbine to determine a cost. Commissioners are trying to decide if the costly removal will be worth the tax payers savings in the long run. ..


Kansas failed turbines

Are Kansans tired of BigWind raising their electricity rates?

According to a Forbes article, which highlights data from the EIA, Kansas electricity rates have risen 29% since 2008…more than 4x the national average.

Kansas is one of the largest wind powered states. Their governor has said it right, ‘the wind industry is now strong’. How strong? BigWind is now one of the strongest lobbying groups in DC.  They will fiercely fight this change, just as they are fighting hard to extend their federal handout, the Wind Production Tax Credit.  Remember, we have commented on this truth before…that tax credit makes it worthwhile for foreign companies to build wind sites that are UNprofiittable; in other words, they can lose money generating electricity because the tax credit is so generous! Do you like having your tax dollars wasted like this?

Thank you Ohio Governor Kasich and our legislators, for passing SB 310 to ‘freeze’ our similar mandates. We don’t want to end up with skyrocketing electricity rates here. That policy is not good for our residents, our manufacturers or our job producers….

Gov. Sam Brownback says he’s open to proposals for phasing out a renewable energy requirement for Kansas utilities because policies aimed at nurturing the wind industry shouldn’t remain in place forever.

The Republican governor said Wednesday that he’s not developing a proposal of his own and wants wind energy companies, critics of the requirement and other interested parties to negotiate a new policy.

But Brownback said he has supported the policy because it helped develop the wind industry in Kansas but said the industry is now strong….

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