Pay attn Ohio, BigWind is being sued in Illinois

APEX has purchased the wind energy leases from BP Wind in Southern Van Wert County/Mercer County/abutting Allen County. Why haven’t they built a massive wind farm, yet? Thankfully, our legislators have enacted safe setbacks and frozen our renewable energy mandate (temporarily). However, some in the legislature, want to change our setbacks and allow our county commissioners to ‘override’ the safe setbacks. As this lawsuit explains, that is not a wise idea. Let us hope Ohio legislators continue to educate themselves about the realities behind this industry!…

APEX is defending against a Class Action lawsuit seeking in excess of five million dollars. This is the same company that is building turbines as we speak in Vermilion County.  Lucky for Apex, most of the local Vermilion County residents have signed “good neighbor agreements”.  Too bad for those that signed.

This suit seeks more than $5 million for infringing on property rights and for adverse health effects.

Read the suit below:…

APEX and other Wind Energy Companies, defending Class Action Suit… | Illinois Leaks.

Apex prowling in Van Wert (Allen,Mercer) county Ohio

Pay attention! We have blogged about this before. Apex has purchased the BP Wind Energy leases that encompass the south end of Van Wert county and abutt Allen county. BP had wanted to utilize the Spencerville-Elgin railroad to transmit their energy East. They are now prowling this area, again…

Representatives of Apex Clean Energy, the Virginia-based company that recently purchased the rights and property contracts for the project from BP Wind, met Thursday with the Van Wert County Board of Commissioners and several trustees of townships that would be affected by the project.

John Arehart, development manager for Apex, talked about the company’s plans for the project, noting that Ohio’s setback rules would have to change before this project – and any other wind project in Ohio – could take place. The project currently holds lease options with approximately 275 landowners in the southern portion of the county.

Arehart noted that Apex will continue preliminary efforts on the project, adding more lease options and doing environmental studies and taking other action to prepare the project to move forward if wind turbine setbacks are lowered again….

via Commissioners, trustees talk wind energy « The VW independent.

A 2-for-1 turbine in Indiana= wind energy plus “FIRE”works!

What a deal, fireworks plus a wind turbine! And, believe it or not, some schools have actually placed them on their school grounds! BP Wind is the group trying to build a farm in Southern Van Wert county, Mercer county, and along the RR that enters Allen county, Ohio through Spencerville….  

A wind turbine in Fowler catches fire in Benton County Friday morning. Witnesses report seeing the turbine shooting flames and sparks from its motor.

The turbine is just off U.S. 52 and County Road 100 South in Benton County. At 6:30 a.m., the Fowler Fire Department dispatched a crew to create a perimeter around the tower.

BP Wind Energy owns the turbine. Fowler Fire Chief Bill Burton said BP told him, whenever this happens, crews should secure the area and not attempt to put the fire out. He said this is something crews are prepared for, but never thought they would see.

“We’ve always been told to just stabilize the area and keep everybody away from it,” said Burton. “It was really close to town, about a mile out. You could see it. It just looked like the fourth of July. There were just sparks going everywhere and flames shooting out.”

Firefighters report it took about 30 minutes for the fire to burnout. No injures have been reported.

BP was unavailable for comment.

via Wind turbine catches fire in Benton County | WLFI.