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BigWind’s Big$ FAILS in Ohio

Ohio voters have spoken and LOUDLY against BigWind...and their OUT of STATE $. In ALL cases above, BigWind FELL. Thank you to all who cared to vote for individual property rights. Continue to share your opinions, educate your neighbors and call the Statehouse. BigWind WILL return with more $ in the future. Perseverance can win this … Continue reading BigWind’s Big$ FAILS in Ohio

BigWind smearing political opponents

In his famous novel, Catch-22, Joseph Heller posits that “Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.”   Indeed. Attached please find samples of BigWind smear mailings.  The first mailer was launched against Seneca County incumbent Commissioner Mike Kerschner who is running for re-election.  Kerschner supports the repeal of the Seneca County Alternative Energy Zone … Continue reading BigWind smearing political opponents

Ohio BigWind news is spinning fast

Events are spinning fast in the world of wind.  In just one short week, much occurred in Ohio... Seneca/Sandusky County Apex requested the OPSB hearings on Seneca and Sandusky County’s Republic Wind be postponed while they “amend” their project.   Speculation as to the reason behind the delay and the amendment include uncertainty over the outcome … Continue reading Ohio BigWind news is spinning fast