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The DARK side of BigWind and SolarSkillets

As BigWind and SolarSkillets(burn birds) spread across our state, we must become educated about their origins, their realities, their TRUE impacts on OUR land, OUR environments, OUR homes. Don't let your neighbors bury their heads in the sand over this. These Wind and Solar projects will last, in our neighborhoods, our towns, our regions, for … Continue reading The DARK side of BigWind and SolarSkillets

BigWind requires a BigDig (for expansion)

We just blogged about this 4 days ago. From the couple of hundreds of gallons of oil, to the NON recyclable blades to the hundreds of lbs of rare earth elements, to the massive toxic batteries, there is NOTHING GREEN about renewable energy. This is a falsehood, a lie, spread by BigWind and their green fanatics. … Continue reading BigWind requires a BigDig (for expansion)