But the turbine FELL within the designated setback zone

All over the web, this story reads the same…this turbine ‘fell within the designated setback zone’. This must be the new talking point for the industry, as many communities, states and countries fight to EXTEND their setback.  Why? Because the noise and vibrations interrupt sleep, cause headaches and stress and the machines lower property values.  Thank heavens this didn’t occur during a windy storm. This, as BigWind in Ohio fights to SHORTEN the setbacks, so they can force more machines closer to our residents. What distance is actually safe? Well, we believe Ohio’s current setback (1,125 from property line) is the bare minimum and that it should INcrease as turbine height increases.  Are we unique? You would think so, if you listened to the BigWind supporters, but Ohio’s setback is actually weak compared to hundreds of other places around the country and world. Do not be hoodwinked by this industry!….

Ocotillo Wind said one of its turbines fell Monday. Officials issues a statement on their website, stating that the turbine fell within the designated setback zone…

Source: Ocotillo wind turbine falls

BigWind leaks OIL? No! They are supposed to be GREEN!

Impossible!  All we hear from the media is that BigWind is GREEN and turbines will reduce our dependence on foreign oil! We have told you before that each gearbox could contain 200 gallons of oil, liquid gold.  Oil that gets dirty and needs to be changed, just like in your car. Additionally, there are thousands of parts inside that need to be lubricated. BigWind doesn’t reduce our dependence on foreign oil, it INcreases our dependence on it….

A Summary of Violations has been issued to Ocotillo Wind Express OWE (California) for alleged violations of state law due to hydraulic oil leaks observed during a complaint investigation…

Residents have documented oil leaks at over 40% of all turbines on the project. Now, they are voicing concerns voice concerns that oil leaks could contaminate the town’s only supply of drinking water.

“We worry that in time it’s only going to get worse as these turbines age,” said engineer and Ocotillo resident Jim Pelley.  He fears that in the future, turbine leaks could pollute the federally protected aquifer, or underground water source.  “No water – no town.  If the water gets polluted, all homes in Ocotillo could be red-tagged,” said Pelley….

Ewing added, “I believe all of the turbines leak oil,” though not all are doing so presently since some have been repaired or recently had new gear boxes installed. “The oil is very clear and normally becomes easily visible when the blowing sand and dust sticks to the oil.”…

Residents also allege that workers for Siemens, the turbine manufacturer, attempted to cover up the leaks….

Pelley said he and other residents have complained to “just about everybody we could think of” including the county, federal BLM officials, an environmental justice task force, and the state environmental agency. “Typically, we don’t get any replies back from our e-mails.”

Though the complaints have been well-documented with photos and videos now for many months, still the turbines remain in operation, spewing oil into the environment and white sludge with seemingly every major rainfall—all atop the town’s only source of drinking water….