Is Apex Clean Energy trying to influence Van Wert, OH commissioner election????

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The facts speak for themselves.  The Moser family and close friend have contributed $3610 to the Vicky Profit campaign for Van Wert, Ohio county commissioner.  This information is public record and listed on the Jon Husted Statement of Contributions Received at the elections office. Connections to Apex Clean Energy represent 84% of the funds raised for Mrs. Profit for county commissioner.  If this doesn’t represent collusion, what does?  Currently, the Van Wert county commissioners have told Apex NO to a PILOT agreement. They have told Apex it will pay full taxes to the Van Wert county residents, not the pocket change of the current PILOT agreement (approximately 16% of full taxation valuation). Apex ‘appears’ to be making a grand effort to change this. If you are dealing with BigWind in your area, its imperative that you stay vigilant and be aware of their tactics…. 

Think the Van Wert, Ohio turbines are without problems? Watch this!!

Is this just the beginning? As wind sites age, noise and maintenance issues rise. Some developers will then sell their site, prior to the 10 year mark, which is when their federal handout ends…the production tax credit.  This has already happened to 1 site in NW Ohio. Is the Blue Creek site, owned by Iberdrola, next to sell?  Please educate yourselves and your legislators….