BigWind problems in Hardin county, Ohio

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Hardin county, Ohio is being inundated with industrial wind turbines. Remember, their county passed an Alternative Energy Zone, so they can NOT say No to BigWind.  Now, BigWind has damaged a bridge they WERE NOT supposed to use.  Some township roads were so trashed that a 200K bid is estimated for proper repair .  Will they just patch it back together with band aids and glue? Gee, some TAX dollars would be nice to repair these roads, but WAIT! BigWind doesn’t PAY taxes!!…We know that road will never be the same.  Their officials are learning a lot…Will they make changes to future RUMA agreements?

Van Wert BigWind developer SELLS (as expected) before the $$ runs out…

This article is WRONG. It is NOT the Blue Creek wind farm that is expanding, it is one of the Paulding projects. Iberdrola has SOLD their Blue Creek wind farm to Avangrid….something we have warned you about for years. The developers like to sell their industrial wind site BEFORE year 10, because maintenance issues become problematic and expensive and because they lose the Production Tax Credit at year 10.  The Iberdrola rep, Dan Litchfield, moved out of the area approximately 2 months ago.  Remember the video that we posted last week? It showed a noisy turbine in the back yard of a Van Wert resident. That resident has found ZERO help with her plight. Why? The new company, Avangrid, does not have a working phone number. She is pleading for help, but no one can come to her aid.  As the turbines in our region age, these stories will become more common. And now, more residents will become aware of this problem…

Your drive through the northern part of the region could have a delay or two over the next 10 weeks.

Windmills, part of the Blue Creek Wind Farm project, will be trucked from Toledo to Paulding, making a winding route to avoid as many obstacles as possible….

Source: The Lima News | Caution: Windmills to be trucked through area for 10 weeks

(Big)Wind NOT a boon for ALL Van Wert county, Ohio, residents

Wind not a boon for all Van Wert County residents

This letter is in response to Jason Dagger’s guest perspective concerning a PILOT for Logan County. Van Wert County went through this just a few years ago and we know the local Van Wert Chamber of Commerce director, Susan Munroe(currently employed by ALLEN COUNTY), is active in promoting wind energy for both Iberdrola and Apex. We are unsure how promoting wind energy around the country is a part of her job in supporting the local prosperity of our community. Yes, the construction of an industrial wind site brought temporary jobs for the months it was under construction, When construction was finished only a few positions were established for the maintenance of these turbines. The Blue Creek project manager has not even bought a home in our community nor has he moved his family here although there are plenty of residences for sale under the windmills. We were also told when we built the new schools that the industries would be impressed and decide to locate here. It hasn’t happened. We even have a mega-site that is ready for occupancy and no one seems to be interested in that either.

What we have had instead are landowners who were leased from at different rates. Decommissioning bonds set at, I believe, $5,000 per turbine in Van Wert County vs. $75,000 in Paulding County. Farmers whose crop yields will never be the same again because of the destruction of massive cranes traveling across farm drainage. Roads will never be close to original condi- tion. Many homeowners suffer from headaches, nausea, sleep deprivation etc. The Blue Creek wind project refused to hand over post-construction reports on bird and bat kill even though an area exterminator has to clean under the windmills before the coyotes do. Expect massive bird kill as Ohio is on many migratory routes. The bald eagle is starting to be re-established in this area and what a shame it will be if this protected bird is destroyed by wind energy.

Two of the county schools have reaped benefits and are almost giddy at what wind energy has provided them. They seem to forget where the money originated. You and me. Now some of the poorer districts around the state want their share. What is to stop Columbus from taking from the rich districts to give to the poor? Sounds like Robin Hood.

Now there is “buyer remorse” by those who leased their valuable farms. They are promised where the meteorological towers and turbines will be placed, but it is never where they say because the landowner has given his property right over to the wind developer. He can’t even park his wagons on the drive back to the tur- bine to fill them during harvest even though he owns the land. There is something about a no interference clause. You can’t even build on your own property without permission nor plant trees.

Wind energy is like a very attractive woman, but anybody who has a relationship with her ends up with extremely serious social issues.