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BigWind seeks to ‘silence’ Ohioans

"What Susan Munroe and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce have in common is that they both represent a big business intent on transforming entire communities from agricultural/residential to heavy industrial without the consent of the local citizens. No other form of development transforms such large portions of local areas, 250 square miles and tens of … Continue reading BigWind seeks to ‘silence’ Ohioans

Ohio citizens prevail AGAINST BigWind

Seneca County Commissioners voted 2-1, this week, to "withdraw all previous support of the Seneca Wind and Republic Wind or any proposed wind turbine projects to the maximum extent allowed by law." It is a great day to celebrate our fellow warriors in Seneca County.   sPower, the Seneca Wind developer, had filed a motion … Continue reading Ohio citizens prevail AGAINST BigWind

AntiWind finds support in high places!

It is important to spread the TRUTH about BigWind to everyone you meet. Eventually, the TRUTH will prevail...the machines are NOT green, NOT renewable, and definitely NOT free! Supporters Greet VP Pence After Touching Down at Rickenbacker Enroute to New Manufacturing Plant in Lancaster, Ohio.Members of the SAWU (Seneca AntiWind Union), newly appointed Seneca County … Continue reading AntiWind finds support in high places!

Ohio residents fighting BigWind

Thank you to The Toledo Blade for covering some realities that the media often ignores, even if a little of the information is wrong. Ohio is NOT a great place for wind turbines. Look at the government wind map on our home page for proof.  Additionally, it is IMPORTANT for you to notice the bold … Continue reading Ohio residents fighting BigWind

Isn’t 143 turbines enough? (In rural Ohio)

This is a very sad tale about our friends in Northern Ohio. It highlights why it so important to know who you are voting for, on the local, state and national levels.  We suspect the next county commissioner race will end with some new faces.... If you are paying attention, you know Seneca County is … Continue reading Isn’t 143 turbines enough? (In rural Ohio)

Will (Ohio) property values be ‘Gone w the Wind’?

As BigWind pushes Northern Ohio, one resident sees through the smoke and mirrors... The Big Wind industry will use studies and carefully massaged statistics to send a message to communities hosting “wind farms that there is no real loss of property value. Well, as wind leases continue to be signed throughout Seneca, Sandusky, Huron and … Continue reading Will (Ohio) property values be ‘Gone w the Wind’?

Ohio BigWind news is spinning fast

Events are spinning fast in the world of wind.  In just one short week, much occurred in Ohio... Seneca/Sandusky County Apex requested the OPSB hearings on Seneca and Sandusky County’s Republic Wind be postponed while they “amend” their project.   Speculation as to the reason behind the delay and the amendment include uncertainty over the outcome … Continue reading Ohio BigWind news is spinning fast