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Is it time to flee from OH BigWind/BigSun?

These are terrifying times indeed...Covid, GreenNewDeal ,election turmoil... This report deals with wind and solar matters specifically while the second report will address policy both at the state and federal levels with a focus on a Biden agenda as well as where things stand in the Ohio General Assembly.  Hot, hot, hot in Allen County … Continue reading Is it time to flee from OH BigWind/BigSun?

Could this flying piece of turbine kill your kid?

Dear Ohio Power Siting Board and Ohio legislators, WAKE UP! Ohio wind turbine setbacks should NOT be shortened. BigWind does NOT belong next to schools and playgrounds! Setbacks should be increased. BigWind spins well over 100 mph and when parts come loose (or ice), they fly fast and far....  A DAMAGED wind turbine halted a … Continue reading Could this flying piece of turbine kill your kid?

BigWind seeks to ‘silence’ Ohioans

"What Susan Munroe and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce have in common is that they both represent a big business intent on transforming entire communities from agricultural/residential to heavy industrial without the consent of the local citizens. No other form of development transforms such large portions of local areas, 250 square miles and tens of … Continue reading BigWind seeks to ‘silence’ Ohioans

BigWind WILL die, and then new problems begin

We have blogged about this before.  In order to build a turbine, there are hundred of gallons of oil, toxic chemicals, concrete, steel, etc. that is generated.  Turbines do not last forever and certainly, they do not last anywhere near that of a traditional nuclear or coal facility. What happens then? Recycled? NOPE, well maybe … Continue reading BigWind WILL die, and then new problems begin

Ohio BigWind COLLAPSE halts traffic

Yet another example of WHY current Ohio BigWind setbacks are NOT safe for the public, particularly our schools filled with children. Unfortunately, some politicians prefer to listen to the $$ that BigWind waves (obtained via our taxpayer subsidies), rather than the constituents that reside amongst these industrial monsters..... Roads in the harbor opened again on Friday … Continue reading Ohio BigWind COLLAPSE halts traffic

Say NO to Shayne Thomas (BigWind friend) for the Ohio house

https://youtu.be/hJ50LapkfGc PLEASE ask Ohio legislators to NOT ENDORSE SHAYNE THOMAS for his bid to run for the 88th district. Please both call and email the Speaker of the Ohio House, Larry Householder. Shayne Thomas is seeking key endorsements from legislators at the state level in a bid to fill the seat of Bill Reineke 88th District Representative. If Shayne … Continue reading Say NO to Shayne Thomas (BigWind friend) for the Ohio house

If BigWind gets Higher, we can get closer, right? NO!!

That't right, BigWind is proposing TALLER turbines in the USA...while they lobby, hard in Ohio, for SHORTER safety setbacks! ZERO logic. Additionally, as farmers complain that soil compaction occurs, what will occur as a result of LARGER and HEAVIER equipment on our roads and fields??????...... RECHARGE US developers propose record 207-metre wind turbine height A new … Continue reading If BigWind gets Higher, we can get closer, right? NO!!

BigWind experience reveals this wisdom

Why is experience so valuable? One reason is that it should make us wise to avoid mistakes of the past. Unfortunately, our elected legislators choose to heed the advice of slick salespeople, rather than seek the experience and wisdom of the people who elected them into office. Read below, about the wise experiences of Iowa … Continue reading BigWind experience reveals this wisdom

Mask removed from Ohio BigWind

Sub HB 6 was introduced in the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee.  After hours and hours and hours of opposing testimony in previous weeks from wind, solar and environmental activists, the Committee threw in the towel on trying to make the bill acceptable to renewable advocates because,  no matter what was proposed, the renewable … Continue reading Mask removed from Ohio BigWind

BigWind ‘pouts’ as Ohio citizens gain a voice

Yesterday afternoon Representative Bill Reineke worked to get language that he drafted into the new version of current bill HB 6. This language establishes a local vote by effected Townships within a given industrial wind turbine project. This would happen only after the project goes through the currently in place process with the Ohio Power … Continue reading BigWind ‘pouts’ as Ohio citizens gain a voice

Reducing BigWind setbacks will squeeze people out

BigWind is working hard in the Ohio legislature to reduce turbine setbacks. One might ask what the title means? Turbines and People do not belong together and that is why we have setbacks. Setbacks are PROTECTIVE for Ohio residents and wildlife and property rights. Without them, we may as well live in the Wild West. … Continue reading Reducing BigWind setbacks will squeeze people out

BigWind blows hot air in Ohio

The Energy Generation Subcommittee continued its hearings on April 24th with more calls for reducing wind setbacks and more protests from wind and solar advocates who do not want to compete with more reliable and available clean energy sources.  The hearings can be seen on the Ohio Channel at http://ohiochannel.org/collections/ohio-house-energy-and-natural-resources-subcommittee-on-energy-generation .   We encourage you to go to the … Continue reading BigWind blows hot air in Ohio

BigWind prepares attack on Ohio wind turbine setback

BigWind in Ohio is on the move...prowling, circling and now a House Bill has been presented to SHORTEN our BigWind setbacks! Once again, they insist on predatory setbacks that will be measured from a residence RATHER than a property line. It is time to contact your representatives and share your disgust for this tactic! BigWind can … Continue reading BigWind prepares attack on Ohio wind turbine setback

BigWind brings Circus to Ohio

BigWind brought the circus to Ohio and barked about setbacks!! This week the Ohio House Subcommittee on Energy Generation is heard interested party and opponent testimony on HB 6 – the Ohio Clean Air Program.  As expected, a conga line of anti-nuclear/pro-renewable witnesses took the stand.   The Tuesday proceedings can be viewed at http://ohiochannel.org/collections/ohio-house-energy-and-natural-resources-subcommittee-on-energy-generation.  What should … Continue reading BigWind brings Circus to Ohio

What else grows in spring? BigWind setbacks (in Indiana)

BigWind, in Ohio, wants you to believe that THEY are the victims. Victims of misguided legislation that handcuffs their opportunity for growth (Repeat, over and over, for years). We have repeatedly shown you examples of Ohio setbacks being too LENIENT with BigWind and today, we share, yet another below. Over and over again, once BigWind … Continue reading What else grows in spring? BigWind setbacks (in Indiana)