BigWind paid Big$ every week to NOT produce energy

We have a tab on our blog, which shows the realities of what BigWind is/has done in other countries. Why? Because it is WISE to learn from the mistakes of others, rather than to repeat those mistakes ourselves.  Apparently, our President is unaware of these realities, as he applauded renewable energy in his State speech last evening.  Anyway, here is yet another example of how BigWind is fleecing taxpayers and it occurs in the USA, too.  They fleece us here by paying a mere fraction of their true taxes, gobbling energy subsidies and producing expensive energy that is not dispatchable when we need it. Additionally, they are the only electric producer which is NOT penalized, monetarily, for NOT producing what they tell the grid operator that they will produce. What does that mean if coal plants continue to close? Blackouts for you and I. Wake up America….

TAXPAYERS handed wind energy firms £1m a month last year to not produce energy, it has emerged, as pressure grows for a rethink in onshore wind turbine subsidies.

Conservatives have urged the Prime Minister to stand by a promise to shake up the subsidy system which one MP yesterday claimed was now more focused on creating money than on meeting the UK’s energy needs.

Selby MP Nigel Adams told MPs it was time to end the cash subsidy system which hands money to companies even when there is no wind, or too much wind, to turn into power.

He said: “Britain’s onshore wind farms are routinely paid large sums of money not to generate electricity—as much as £l million in each week of 2014.

“Those payments, described officially as constraint payments, ultimately end up on consumers’ bills, meaning that the British public are effectively subsidising the UK’s onshore wind industry not to produce electricity.”…

“There is no better example of that than the burden of a levy on everyone’s energy bills to cover subsidy payments to renewable energy firms and landowners who happen to have wind farms or individual turbines on their land—the irony being that those who are already asset-rich become even more wealthy at the expense of hard-working taxpayers.”…

Wind power firms paid £1m a week to not produce energy – Yorkshire Post.


How does Ohio’s 1300ft setback look now?

Ohio’s Governor Kasich signed House Bill 483 into law in 2014 and established a new industrial wind turbine setback of approximately 1300 ft from a property line.  As we have stated previously, this is still a very weak setback for the safety, health and property rights of neighbors.  If BigWind is in your area, (and it probably does lurk in the shadows), ask your neighbors what they think about 1300 ft, after reading the article below? Please make a particular point to ask those who have already leased ground, what they would think if this happened  on their property, with family and friends nearby…

It is not clear what caused the giant structure to collapse, but people in the industry said it was a highly unusual event especially as winds were light at the time.

The turbine, valued at over £500,000, collapsed on Friday evening, scattering debris over a wide area.

People in the area said the rotor blades were spinning out of control on the evening the turbine buckled.

The sound of the failing mechanical structure was heard more than seven miles away….

Debris from the stricken turbine is scattered across the mountainside and a large spike remains impaled in the earth several hundred yards from the turbine site.

The turbine is one of eight on Screggagh farm which was commissioned in April 2011….

BBC News – Fintona, County Tyrone: 80-metre wind turbine collapses.

BigWind will INcrease electricity bills 40% by end of decade

We have an entire tab devoted to educating you about the effects of BigWind across the world. Why? Because history should be studied so mistakes are NOT repeated. At this time, we again say thank you to our Ohio legislators, who passed Senate Bill 310- to freeze our renewable mandates for further evaluation. This report is worth paying attention to…and educating your friends, neighbors, and legislators about…..

The cost of household electricity will rise by as much as 40 per cent by the end of the decade because of the Government’s green energy policies.

Official figures — initially withheld by ministers — show an alarming increase in the price of electricity caused by generous subsidies to wind farms as well as other policies.

An average household is expected to pay as much as £250 more for electricity – mainly through consumer subsidies – to pay for the Government’s green energy schemes, while an electrically heated house could be as much as £440 a year worse off.

And by 2030, when thousands of planned offshore wind turbines are finally operating, the burden will be even greater, the numbers show. The average household could be paying an extra 60 per cent for electricity – equivalent to £350 more a year.

Medium-sized businesses will be hit very hard, according to the new data. On average such companies will see electricity bills rise by more than £500,000 a year – a cost likely to be passed on to consumers….

A DECC spokesman said a decision had been taken to withhold the tables because it was “thought to be confusing”….

Green policies to add up to 40pc to cost of household electricity – Telegraph.

What happens when you take the ‘Wind’ away from BigWind?

You rely on natural gas, coal, nuclear and hydro for your electricity needs! Imagine if this happens in America, once we decommission approximately 200 coal plants over the next 10 years? This is part of the problem with industrial wind turbines…their power is not dispatchable when we NEED it.  How will our manufacturing survive? Our hospitals? Even if we blanket our entire county with turbines, we will still have this problem.  And, if you click on the article link, you will also see that all these turbines in Scotland only produced 30% of their potential power.  All over the world, 30% is a repeatable number, because it often represents what a turbine will produce- 30% of what we are ‘sold’ before the industrial turbines are turned on. Nuclear, coal, gas and hydro boast more than DOUBLE, and some even TRIPLE this number.  We cannot rely on BigWind to supply our power needs! Thank you to our Ohio legislators and governor who passed Senate Bill 310….

Lack of wind has been blamed for energy production levels slumping 30% compared to last summer.

And it comes despite record numbers of eyesore wind turbines being built across Scotland – with more than 1,000 currently waiting to be erected.Critics have seized on the unpredictable energy flow from windfarms as stark evidence they are a waste of time.

And say the fact they continue to be subsidised to the tune of millions whether they are working or not underlines how lost the current Government is with regards to its green energy commitments.

Linda Holt, of anti-windfarm campaign group Scotland Against Spin, said: “Incorporating a significant quantity of wind-generated electricity into the electricity system required by a modern industrial economy requires corresponding back-up generation and grid balancing.

“These costs are borne exclusively by the consumer, not the wind industry. While the wind industry coins it in, consumers are on a hiding to nothing.”…

A staggering £1.8bn Government subsidies have already been awarded since 2007 and a further £80m spent paying operators to turn them off, to stop them producing too much power, during windy periods.

But Renewable Energy Foundation director Dr John Constable, believes taxpayers will be stung by a further £5bn-a-year bill by 2020 to cover the cost of volatile wind power output.

He claims much of this cost will be borne out of the need to keep traditional power plants running at an uneconomically low level to meet demand when turbines don’t work….

via Calm weather takes the wind out of turbines – Scotland / News & Views / The Sunday Post.

Blackouts CAUSED by Wind energy? surely a misprint…

Natl Grid warns of blackouts

Finally, someone at the top sees the light. Increased wind capacity will threaten the UK grid this winter…

The risk of blackouts this winter is higher than at any time over the past six years, National Grid has said…In June, energy regulator Ofgem said that risks to security of electricity supply – the danger of the lights not being kept on – had increased due to UK’s shortage of power stations and new wind farms.

via BBC News – National Grid warns of winter blackout risk.